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With years of experience, Safety has always been our Priority when engaging our dogs on fun activities especially our fun beach swim. Our Le Bliss assistants has learned the importance of always putting safety first for every of our furkids and get to understand their personality, behaviours and fitness ability. This is to ensure our furkids have the best positive activity fun association together along with our caring assistants.

Therefore we are grateful for our introductory collaboration with Wag and Wild, Singapore’s largest dog waterpark where we are able to provide a safe enclosed, outdoor fun and positive swimming experience for your dogs.


Wag and Wild Fun Swim & Shower

With our introductory collaboration with Wag and Wild, Le Bliss will be providing fun swim and shower activities as an add-on extension service to our playschool. 


Swimming is an excellent form of body conditioning exercise for your dog. It does wonders for overall health, providing an aerobic workout that also tones and strengthens muscle with low impact on your dogs bones and joints.

Paddleboard fun is also introduce to the furkids as they learn using their core and leg muscles while balancing on the board. Our dogs will also learn to have positive fun association with paddleboards as we teach them to jump on and off the board with confidence. Flipping of the paddle board is discourage.

Karen Pryor - SUP PUP! Teach Your Dog to Ride a Stand-Up Paddleboard


Safety Routine and Swim Preparation

All our dogs has a valid current annual vaccination or titer test record upon signing up for the fun swim activity.

Body and health checks on all dogs prior heading out to Wag and Wild.

All dogs are toilet before entering Wag and Wild premises.

All dogs are on leash arriving at Wag and Wild premises and rinse at the water points throughly before entry to pool to ensure cleanliness and hygiene.

Our Le Bliss assistants are assigned to 3 dogs max per handler. The dogs will be grouped according to their swimming ability, fitness level and water confidence level as we know not all dogs are natural swimmers.


For puppies and new dogs introducing to their first time water experience,1-to-1 assistant assignment will be implement. Doggie life vest will be put on to assist in floatation as they slowly build their confidence dipping in the pool and guided to paddle in and exit out of the pool.

Water and rest breaks will be encourage every 15mins as our dogs will take a rest at the sheltered tentage and get hydrated.

All Le Bliss assistants are certified canine first aid responders or trained in canine first aid. We will leash up the dogs and rest them as necessary.

All dogs will be rinse off after the end of the fun swim session before heading back to playschool for shower. 

Yu Pheony Anti-Bacterial Shampoo will be used for the dogs shower. For dogs with skin sensitive, owners are advised to provided their dog's shampoo. 

All dogs will be blower dry thoroughly, ears cleaned and fur brushed ready for their nap time back at the playschool.


Fun Swim Rules and Details

Details: Prior to acceptance for Le Bliss fun swim and shower add-on activity, all new dogs must passed our playschool assessment trial. Enrolment button will be shown below.


Upon confirmation of enrolments, your furkid will need to attend at least one to three days of our full day play school before we allow participation for our fun swim activity. This is to ensure we get to know the personality, behaviours and have a good understanding, bonding relationship with your dog. 


If your dog is already joining our playschool, you can book the fun swim with us 48 hours in advance or by every Saturday. Booking can be make on our booking site and please also sign the Wag and Wild fun swim agreement and waiver form which will be prompt after you sign up for your first fun swim activity. 

Swim Days and Duration: 60 to 90 minutes

9.00am - 11.00am

Rates: @$25 per dog

Note: $25 payment is an additional payment not inclusive of playschool charges. Rates are inclusive of shampoo shower, blower dry, fur brush and ear cleaning.

*Non-neutered dogs will only be accepted for fun swim activities on selective basis. 

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