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Our playschool is specifically designed for the safety of the dogs, with various school functions. Our aim is to create a conducive, safe and well-maintained environment for the nurturing of your pup. Our 1600sqft playschool is fully air-conditioned and layered with sports flooring that is soft and reduces the impact on the joints and hips, which yet still provides sufficient traction to prevent any slipping from occurring. The playschool is cleaned daily with high-level veterinary disinfectant which is non-toxic, non-corrosive (pH 7.5) and non-irritating to our furkids and at the same time to ensure the premises are free of virus and bacteria. 


Our school is also well protected from outside distractions with various strategically positioned soundproofing partitions to create an optional learning environment. 


Our school is segmented into the following:


  1. Assessment and Play Room

  2. Main Indoor Dog Run

  3. Napping and Fun Training Room


Rubber Sports Flooring

We had multiple considerations when choosing an appropriate flooring: hygienic, soft, easy to clean, waterproof, and traction. All these are crucial for dogs as they need a good ground to roam around on safely, and yet boast a good level of traction. Our playschool has installed sports flooring, which is the preferred choice of many professional sports halls, gymnasiums, kindergartens, physiotherapy units, and other places where athletic performance, safety, energy absorption, noise reduction, and durability are required. 


The flooring comes with the following advantages and benefits:


Rough & tumble sports floor

  • Dive, jump, stop and change directions securely

  • Consistent thickness of foam for high performance and great underfoot comfort 

  • Closed-cell foam, excellent ratio of shock absorption to the thickness of the product

  • Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal treatment throughout the product

  • Homogenous wear layer provides lifelong durability and resistance to wear and tear

  • Glass fibre grid gives excellent dimensional stability


Shock Absorption

  • High comfort and safety for knees and joints for dogs and humans.


Sliding Coefficient

  • Superior grip for quick turns, bursts of speed, and change in direction.


Underfoot Comfort

  • To protect dogs and human’s feet, and prevent injuries.


POEIMA P500 & P200 Air Purifiers,
The World's Most Advanced Clean Air Technology 

Our playschool is equipped with the world's most advanced clean air technology, Poeima Premium P500 and P200, a multi-functioning purifier that is capable to clean out microscopic particles to ensure our furkids breathe fewer pollutants each day. Most allergens and viruses are 30-nanometers. Poeima air purifiers filters particles down to half the size and remove bacteria, formaldehyde and other harmful elements from air, to ensure the dogs have the cleanest bacteria-free and virus-free air. 


Multiple Gating Systems

Safety is our top concern and to ensure the place is completely safe for dogs who might be escape artists, we installed a 3 step gating system. You’ll have our word that no dogs will be able to sneak out on us!


Multipurpose Veterinary Safe Cleaning and Surface Disinfectant

As a playschool, hygiene is one of our top priority and considerations, and we ensure our facility and equipment are cleaned and sterilised daily, so dogs of all ages have a safe and clean environment to play in. As such, the entire facility and equipment are cleaned with our veterinary cleaning and disinfecting concentrate which has deodorises, has anti-bacteria & anti-fungal properties, and most importantly is also non-corrosive, non-toxic, non-irritating and aldehyde free.

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